February 3, 2012

Mental Health

Groups launch guide for sufferers of mental health problems
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 02 February 2012)
People experiencing mental health problems are protected by equality legislation, but too many people do not realise this. That is the message from the Equality Authority and See Change.

Mental Health Service

Mental health fund could get 'hived off' for other sectors
Irish Times (Friday, 03 February 2012)
Funding of €35 million for mental health services could be “hived off” by the HSE for other sectors unless a director for the area is appointed immediately, the Dáil has been warned.

'Lives lost' as mental health funds suffer cuts
Irish Examiner (Tuesday, 31 January 2012)
Lives are being lost on a daily basis due to under- funding and under-staffing in the mental health services, the head of Kerry's Psychiatric Nurses Association has warned.

Crackdown will target fake therapy
Evening Herald (Monday, 30 January 2012)
New laws will tackle "serious issues" concerning the regulation of psychotherapists and counsellors with vulnerable individuals, said Fine Gael TD Dan Neville.


Suicide and GAA – Why we must protect this vulnerable group
Irish Independent (Friday, 03 February 2012)
John Meagher believes the GAA can help its vulnerable members.

New guide to help employers handle impact of suicide

Irish Times (Tuesday, 31 January 2012)
Guidelines on how employers should respond to suicide appropriately and sensitively are to be launched today.

Suicide rate 'higher among men'

Tipperary Star  (Monday, 30 January 2012)
Men are four times more at risk of committing suicide than women, official figures have shown, as a leading trade unionist appealed for more to be done to prevent work-related suicide.

Suicide Prevention

Study finds suicide prevention strategies work
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 02 February 2012)
Strategies for tackling suicide have led to falling death rates in England and Wales, a study has found.