August 2, 2013

Mental Health
Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 31st July 2013)
Donal Og Cusack has revealed that the Association has "never been busier" in dealing with issues ranging from depression to gambling amongst GAA players.
Irish Times (Saturday, 27th July 2013)
The organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) young people focuses on their mental health needs.
Sunday Independent (28th July 2013)
The Welsh beauty leapt on to our screens in ‘The Darling Buds of May’ before becoming a Hollywood sensation. The Oscar winner talks to Hannah Marriott about Michael’s cancer, her bipolar condition, her children and her ‘blessed’ life. (Thursday, 1st August 2013)
People with mental health problems have been disproportionately affected by the recession, which has led to even more social exclusion among this already vulnerable group, a new study indicates.
Irish Independent (Friday, 2nd August 2013)
For Aoife Duffy, a change in schools triggered a health kick that quickly turned into an eating disorder. Arlene Harris meets the brave teen.
Mental Health Service
Irish Times (Monday, 29th July 2013)
Legislation moves away from paternalistic way of looking after what we decide are people’s bests interests.
Irish Independent (Friday, 2nd August 2013)
The living conditions imposed on vulnerable psychiatric patients belonged to the Victorian era. Four patients were lying in bed surrounded by just blankets. Others were pacing the corridor. 
Irish Independent (Tuesday, 30th July 2013)
‘Filicide’ beggars belief, but research has shown there are typical circumstances in which it happens, writes David Coleman.
Suicide Prevention
Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 31st July 2013)
Singer Kelly Mongan recalled Ireland's suicide rate among Travellers when she helped launch a DVD aimed at heightening awareness of mental health within her community.
Metro Herald (Wednesday, 31st July 2013)
About 34 per cent of all Irish requests filed since 2009 were for reasons of defamation and 18 per cent for bullying and harassment, while 18 per cent were filed for hate speech, privacy and security and suicide promotion.
Sunday Independent (Sunday, 28th July 2013)
I read Eilis O’Hanlon – ‘Not naming the terrible realities of life won’t keep us any safer’ – with interest.