March 4, 2016

Mental Health and Wellbeing
Challenging brain can reap its own rewards
04/03/2016, Irish Examiner Feelgood
Margaret Jennings looks at research battling depression and anxiety with neurofeedback training can reap dividences for patients…

Beginner's guide to mindfulness- Expert tips to create a mindful moment everyday
04/03/2016, Irish Independent
Irish expert Fionnuala Gill offers her guide to beginner's hoping to conquer mindfulness…

Self Harm
Self-harm: Short-term pain is a long-term suicide risk
01/03/2016, Irish Times
The risk of somebody dying by suicide in the year after a self-harming episode is about 100 times greater than that of somebody in the general population…

My self-harm story: Ireland rugby player Hannah Tyrrell
01/03/2016, Irish Times
‘I had to learn to believe that I deserved to be happy and to lead a successful life’…

Eating Disorders
‘I looked around and I had nothing – no friends, no job and no prospects’ – How Anorexia eroded my life
26/02/2016, Irish Independent
An Irish woman has opened up about her battle with Anorexia Nervosa, which she said eroded every aspect of her life and left her future uncertain and without hope.