November 8, 2013

Mental Health
Irish Examiner, 08-Nov-2013
More students are coming forward for mental health help in college, but men are less likely to do so until things reach crisis stage, analysis of a support service at NUI Maynooth has found.,  07-Nov- 2013
Calls from distressed farmers to a helpline have jumped by over 300% in the last six months, new figures have shown. The Farm and Rural Stress Helpline is run by suicide prevention charity, Console, on behalf of the HSE. It is available 24 hours a day.
Irish Examiner, 07-Nov-2013
The unlikely Irish farming hero who staved off eviction by barricading himself on his land for more than a year has said he is giving hope to farmers who can see no way out of their crippling debts.
Irish Examiner, 06-Nov-2013
A leading psychiatrist is claiming Clare's All- Ireland hurling win over Cork has benefited the mental health of the Banner county, and he now uses the experience in the treatment of some of his patients.
Irish Independent, 06-Nov-2013
Cloyne man's honesty about depression shows that 'winning at all costs' is far too high a price 
Irish Times, 05-Nov- 2013
Following Conor Cusack’s incredibly powerful blog on depression, Muiris Houston looks at managing depression in work
Irish Examiner, 04-Nov-2013
Babies as young as nine months show different rates of development depending on how sensitive and responsive their parents are to their needs.
Irish Examiner, 04-Nov-2013
A Cork schoolgirl whose local youth club made it to the finals of a national TV programme has won a major award in one of West Cork's biggest and most popular youth contests.
Clare Champion, 01-Nov-2013
The Clare Champion has been selected as the winner of the Headline Regional Newspaper of the Year Award 2013 for journalism relating to mental health or suicide prevention.
Evening Echo,  30-Oct-2013
Cloyne hurler CONOR CUSACK has earned plaudits for his searingly honest description of the depression which took over his life in the late 1990s. 
Irish Examiner, 30-Oct-2013
Leading GAA stars have urged men not to bottle up their problems because of the profound effect it can have on mental health.
Irish Independent, 28-Oct-2013
Major reforms will spell end of rote learning for students. Students will get marks for sporting performance, writing computer code or devising mental health campaigns under major changes to the Junior Cert syllabus. 28- Oct 2013
Children as young as 18 months can show signs of emotional problems and disruptive behaviours if their mothers suffer with depression and anxiety, a new study has found.
Mental Health Service
Irish Times, 07-Nov- 2013
A vulnerable woman found wandering in a confused and distressed state in Dublin city centre last month is this evening being returned to her native Australia.
Irish Independent, 01-Nov-2013
The highest rates of admissions to psychiatric hospitals last year were in Sligo, Roscommon and Kerry, a report has revealed.
Irish Independent, 01-Nov-2013
Almost one-in-four cancer patients seeks counselling having suffered anxiety, fear and stress due to the trauma of their illness.
Suicide Prevention
Irish Times, 08-Nov-2013
The late Donal Walsh was honoured by the NNI for his “outstanding contribution to public debate” .
Irish Examiner, 08-Nov-2013
A HSE group tasked with battling Ireland's suicide epidemic failed to spend almost a third of its budget last year due to serious delays in finding someone to lead the organisa
Irish Examiner, 07-Nov-2013
Former Cork hurler Conor Cusack, who recently went public concerning his personal battle with depression, and actor Mary McEvoy will be among the speakers at a mental wellness exhibition in Killarney, on Sunday., 06-Nov-2013
People with anorexia nervosa are 50 times more likely to die by suicide, while at least one in four people with bulimia have a history of attempted suicide or self-harm, a leading consultant has said.