December 2, 2016

Friends: a key to improving our mental health


Mental Health Ireland’s 50th anniversary conference puts focus on recovery.

Mental Health

Living with panic attacks: 'When I was heavier, I was very uncomfortable with people looking at me I'd often arrive in a state of panic'

One in five people experience panic attacks. Arlene Harris asks experts how to manage stress in high-pressure situations.

Men and women experience mental health issues differently


Women are more likely to talk one to one while men prefer activity-focused groups

Opinion: 'Our reaction to Kanye West's breakdown feeds cycle of judgement and scorn'


Mental health issues are still taboo when you see the reaction to Kanye West’s recent hospitalisation, writes Vicky Kavanagh.

15 things to know about stress


A little bit of stress can go a long way, motivating us to attain our goals and meet daily challenges. But poorly managed chronic stress and persistently high levels of cortisol, on the other hand, can impair memory function. 

A design for a happy life


Get housing right and you make everyone’s life better, writes Peter McGuire. 


Three Cork suicides in November, not 16, says research group

Sensationalist reporting can distort facts relating to suicide clusters, warns NSRF.