April 1, 2016

My Sister Cathriona
30/03/2016, Blank Gold Coast
Excellent blog post on the effect media reporting can have on those bereaved by suicide. “I remember exactly where I was standing and exactly what song was playing when I got the call to tell me my sister Cathriona had died…”

Mental illness not just confined to anxiety and depression
Irish Times, 01/04/2016
Michaela Deane on the wide range of mental illnesses that are often ignored…

Helping to break the cycle of suicide
01/04/2016, Irish Independent
Irish actress Charlene McKenna and rugby pundit Brent Pope were on hand to help launch the 2016 Cycle Against Suicide yesterday
Rugby stars on Mental Health: ‘You don’t have to be in crisis to look for help’
30/03/2016, Irish Examiner
Rugby stars are sharing their difficult off-field experiences in a campaign that encourages people to look after their mental well-being…

Challenging barriers to seeking help when you need it
29/03/2016, Spun Out
Mental illness is a funny thing. While it can certainly feel all encompassing at times, it is important to remember that an illness (whether it be cancer, depression or a chest infection) is NOT you…

Breaking Bad: Battling low spirits is something that affects us all from time to time
22/03/2016, Irish Tatler Man
When it comes to depression, Ireland has recently seen something of a revolution in terms of awareness and understanding, writes Domhnall O’Donoghue. However, to borrow a phrase coined by a one-time political dynasty: a lot done, more to do…