July 1, 2016

26/06/2016, Independent.ie
There is a new openness in Ireland about mental health as well as a growing army of counsellors, psychologists and therapists offering solace. Is this a sign of a new maturity, or are we a nation on the verge of a nervous breakdown?
23/06/2016, Wexfordpeople.ie
When Fr Denis Doyle was ordained in 1971 suicide was a rarity in County Wexford.
25/06/2016, NewsTalk.com
Fiona Kennedy gives an insight into life with borderline personality disorder and occasional depression
26/06/2016, TheJournal.ie
Last Wednesday, A well-respected member of the beauty industry posted on Facebook that she was having to cancel appointments in order to give herself time to recover from a serious bout of anxiety and depression.
26/06/2016, Independent.ie
Psychotherapy has many definitions but, in ­essence, it is the encounter between two, or more, people to talk about what matters. It is a search for understanding of self and others.
26/06/2016, TheJournal.ie
A patient of mine – a young man recovering from clinical depression and recently discharged from hospital – had agreed a plan that included a course of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with a clinical psychologist.
29/06/2016, VillageMagazine.ie
The situation is stark according to the report issued in late March. 56% of LGBTI people aged 14 to 18 year old have self-harmed, 70% have had suicidal thoughts and one in three has attempted suicide.
29/06/2016, TheSun.ie
A BUSY mum has told how she decided to run her way through her grief after losing her brother to suicide.