May 31, 2013

Mental Health
Sunday Independent (Sunday, 26th May 2013)
To his friends and family, Alan O’Mara was living the dream.  But beneath the surface, the young Cavan goalkeeper was caught in a nightmare world from which he could see no way out.
Irish Times (Tuesday, 28th May 2013)
My phone alarm woke me with its usual marimba ringtone. I turned it off, pulled the duvet over my head and stayed put. I needed more sleep. 
Irish Examiner (Friday, 31st May)
They may be familiar with Gray’s Anatomy but not so much with the effects of stress and burn-out – unless they went through medical school at UCC.
Mental Health Service
Irish Times (Monday, 27th May 2013)
Mobile service aimed at assisting mental health recovery.
Irish Times (Tuesday, 28th May 2013)
Arts group claims untrained practitioners being engaged to provide services.
Irish Times (Tuesday, 28th May 2013)
Opinion: Donal Walsh inspired many but his message may not be the right one for all who have suicidal thoughts.
Suicide Prevention
Irish Times (Thursday, 30th May 2013)
Facebook did a deal with the Samaritans in 2011 to offer help to people in distress.