September 30, 2016

World Mental Health Day on 10 October is themed "psychological and mental health first aid for all".

Mental health
Ireland soccer star Jason McAteer has revealed he contemplated ending his own life by driving into traffic.
RTÉ weather presenter and continuity announcer Helen Curran and her husband Steve catch up on their TV shows once the kids are in bed and make time for ‘date nights’ to keep a good balance whilst juggling busy working lives and looking after their two children, Conor and Ella.
There’s a classic joke that goes: “Men die, on average, five years younger than women do. Why? Because they want to.” Or have you heard the one about why women live longer than men? “Because they are not married to women.”
Almost one in five people in rural areas said they had experienced depression, whether directly or through a family member.
WE ALL KNOW we need to mind our mental health like we would our physical health, but this really hammers it home.
A priest who was principal of a primary school in Wexford for over 10 years, has spoken about his students who have died during his time as principal and what might have caused their deaths.