July 29, 2016

27/07/2016, NewsTalk.com
David Gillick has opened up about the frustration that spurred him to make a comeback to athletics.
23/07/2016, Independent.ie
Eating disorders and other mental health problems are on the rise among our young men, according to healthcare experts in the county who blame the proliferating use of unrealistic 'perfect' body images in advertising and the media.
25/07/2016, Beaut.ie
Anxiety is something we dislike. The fear-inducing feeling that defines it is fearsome in itself. Naturally, anxiety carries with it mostly negative connotations: it’s very unsettling, and if our anxiety grows too much, it becomes a detriment to our physical and mental health.
25/07/2016, IrishExaminer.com
Prince Harry has said he regrets not opening up sooner about how his mother’s death affected him.
The 31-year-old revealed he only began talking three years ago about the sudden death of Diana, Princess of Wales.
27/07/2016, SunnySpellsAndScatteredShowers.org
For years, literally years, I have railed against the concepts of hope and recovery. Every time someone has told me that recovery is possible, my immediate response has been a strong desire to punch them in the face (I’ve never actually followed through. Just really wanted to). And as for hope? Hope didn’t exist for most of my life.
27/07/2016, IrishMirror.com
The confident singer is still battling her own mental health issues that led to her entering treatment in 2010
28/07/2016, IrishTimes.com
Online course would help the vulnerable access help wherever they are. Mental health is a major issue for young people today.
28/07/2016, Tv3.ie
Actor Wentworth Miller holds no grudges against the body shamers who mocked his weight gain in an Internet meme because they had no idea how much he had been secretly struggling.