February 1, 2013

Mental Health
Ambulance Ireland (Friday, 25th January 2013)
The recession has caused a surge in the numbers of Irish children suffering from social dysfunction, withdrawal, depression and various mental health issues.
Galway Independent (Saturday, 26th January 2013)
The importance of the promotion of positive mental health and wellbeing in the primary school setting has been stressed by President Michael D. Higgins.
Irish Times (Saturday, 26th January 2013)
A pattern has begun to emerge whereby Minister for Health James Reilly has allowed independent bodies responsible for implementing and evaluating Government policy wither away.
Evening Echo (Saturday, 26th January 2013)
Older people are turning to depression and suicide telephone helplines because they crave company.
Irish Independent (Saturday, 26th January 2013)
Up to half of primary school principals say they are on medication for conditions including blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and sleep loss, amid growing concern about workplace stress.
Sunday Independent (Sunday, 27th January 2013)
I started running a few months ago. This doesn’t sound like much of an achievement but it’s one of my greatest to date. 
Mental Health Service
The Cork News (Friday, 25th January 2013)
Cuts to counselling hours across Cork schools are directly affecting students who are already facing difficulties. 
Irish Times (Wednesday, 30th January 2013)
Less than half of the promised posts aimed at boosting mental health and suicide prevention services last year are in place, new figures show.
Bray People (Thursday, 31st January 2013)
Depressed or suicidal teens are just as likely to confide in the school caretaker as they are a guidance counsellor, Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has claimed.
Suicide Prevention
Irish Health.com (Friday, 1st February 2013)
New guidelines aimed at promoting positive mental health and preventing suicide among secondary school pupils have been published by the government.