March 28, 2013

Suicide Prevention
Irish Times (Monday, 25th March 2013)
Irish society is in danger of normalising suicide as one of a number of possible reactions to extreme stress because we are not conditioning our children to accept disappointments in their lives.
Irish Times (Tuesday, 27th March, 2013)
More than 500 people have used a suicide prevention group’s website to pledge their support for a new initiative being launched today.
Irish Independent (Wednesday, 27th March 2013)
RTE actor Peter Coonan has told how his mother’s death helped him cope with his feelings at a very young age.
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 28th March, 2013)
Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death worldwide. Rates are higher in men than in women. It has been estimated that there are 10 to20 million non-fatal attempted suicides every year.
Mental Health
Kerry’s Eye (Thursday, 21st March 2013)
Promoting positive mental health and well-being in schools is a key aim of the HSE, and a new mental health programme ‘Zippy Friends’ is designed to help young children cope with feelings and ensure that from a young age they can address their problems.
Irish Times (Wednesday, 27th March 2013)
Working parents are turning to older relatives to help out with the kids – and it could be taking a toll
Mental Health Service
Tralee Outlook (Thursday, 21st March 2013)
Jigsaw Kerry’s hub re-opened to the public on Monday March 11th. Jigsaw Kerry promotes and supports positive youth mental health within the communities of Kerry.