January 28, 2015


Mental Health

Why exercise is the most powerful treatment when it comes to anxiety
Herald.ie, 28-Jan-2015
Jen Feighery talks about the important of looking after your mental health by exercising.
Life after postnatal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Independent.ie, 27-Jan-2015
One mother speaks openly to Shane Cochrane about her PTSD, pregnancy and its link to child birth.

Farmer speaks out about his battle with depression
The Irish Farmers Journal, 27-Jan-2015
Laois Farmer David Kerr spoke about the daily battles Irish farmers face on the farm that can cause depression.

'The power is in your story'
Irish Independent Health & Living, 26-Jan-2015
Niall Breslin says it’s incredibly important to tell of your own struggles and to face mental health issues head on.
Brain secrets revealed using imaging technologies
Health Research Board, 22-Jan-2015
A major international research effort, has made significant discoveries about genetic influences on the size of structures within the brain to better understand disorders such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease and epilepsy.

Peter Coonan flies the Amber Flag for suicide awareness
Irish Mirror, 22-Jan-2015               
Suicide Aware have launched their new Amber Flag initiative to promote positive mental health and suicide awareness.
That’s men: Power of positive thinking comes with potential risks
The Irish Times, 22-Jan-2015
Research shows more positive beliefs protect against suicide attempts among men.


Brave student battling self-harm tells how he used to beat himself up
Irish Mirror, 27-Jan-2015
Samuel Riggs, a Trinity College Dublin student, opens up about his mental health and his road to recovery.
Response to suicide crisis 'scandalous'
Irish Examiner, 26-Jan-2015
States services and supports for those with mental health problems and the growing suicide crisis are “inadequate and scandalous”.