January 29, 2016

Mental Health
A look at the portrayal of mental health and violence in the media
28/01/2016, A Lust for Life
The reality is that people experiencing mental ill health are no more likely to be violent than anyone else.

Podcast: How to tackle your anxiety with Dr Harry Barry
27/01/2016, Newstalk
Aware’s Dr Harry Barry speaks about youth mental health, anxiety and T.M.I.

Address your mental health
26/01/2016, Irish Independent
Around six in 10 students say their attendance at lectures is affected by mental health, said the Union of Students in Ireland.

Social injustice and inequality play a pivotal role in mental health of citizens
26/01/2016, Irish Independent
I firmly believe that if we continue to think in siloed terms about mental health and well-being we are going nowhere quickly.

New book looks at how we can build a 'better and happier Ireland'
26/01/2016, Irish Examiner
“Mental health is the elephant in the room of public policy and nobody is talking about it"…

Exercise to help curb depressive symptoms
26/01/2015, Irish Independent
The new research comes from data from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) at Trinity College Dublin.
Mental Health Services in Ireland (or the Lack Thereof)
25/01/2016, Huffington Post
We are making huge progress as a society when it comes to talking about mental health, huge. Slowly but surely, the stigma that surrounds it is being chipped away. There are several well established national campaigns encouraging people to talk, and these are getting a bigger response year on year. It's fantastic to see…

Report calls for targeted mental health services for Travellers
27/01/2016, Irish Times
A report into mental health services for Travellers has called for a more targeted approach from state agencies to tackle a higher than normal suicide rate in the Traveller population.