September 28, 2012

Eating Disorders 
Irish Examiner (Friday, 28 September 2012)
Being conscious of weight and body size from a very young age may not be all tha tunusual, according to an Irish study which will be presented at the Psychological Society of Ireland Annual Conference in Cork in November.
Mental Health 
Irish Times (Thursday, 27 September 2012)
A €120,000 fund to promote investigative journalism and commemorate the work of the late Mary Raftery was launched yesterday in Dublin.
Irish Times (Thursday, 27 September 2012)
A survey by Macra na Feirme found that 81 per cent of respondents felt depression was a problem for young people. Almost two-thirds said unemployment was the biggest cause, followed by family issues, social barriers and young people leaving rural areas.
Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 26 September 2012)
Four of every five teenagers seen by the country's biggest independent mental health service have been recent victims of cyber-bullying.
Irish Examiner (Tuesday, 25 September 2012)
The stigma attached to poor mental health leads to one in five people delaying seeking treatment for a full year, according to research carried out by St Patrick's University Hospital.  
Leinster Express (Tuesday, 25 September 2012)
The benefit of talking and engaging with someone if we have problems in our lives is not something we should be ashamed of." That was the message of Leinster GAA Council Chair- person Martin Skelly and it was a view reinforced by the various guest speakers at an event entitled 'Your Games, Your Health The Link Between Sport & Wellbeing' in Aras Laighean, Portlaoise as part of Laois Connects week.
Evening Echo (Monday 24 September 2012)
More than 1,500 teenagers are to be targeted in a series of workshops aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues such as suicide and self-harm.

Mental Health Service
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 27 September 2012)
Children in State care are up to five times more likely to suffer from mental health issues than their peers, a leading psychiatrist has claimed.
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 27 September 2012)
Modern psychiatric care methods have resulted in patients not being as closely observed as they were in the past, it has emerged.
Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 26 September 2012)
For the first time in 160 years, an imposing building which dominates Killarney, Co Kerry, and which once had more than 1,000 residents, was unoccupied last night.
Irish Times (Wednesday, 26 September 2012)
Concern has been expressed about the closure yesterday of the last remaining ward in St Finan’s Hospital in Killarney, a 19th-century psychiatric facility that once housed 1,000 patients.
Irish Examiner (Tuesday, 25 September 2012)
Guidance counsellors say the loss of up to 11 hours per week of one-to-one supports for students due to cutbacks must be addressed following a number of suicides and incidents of self-harm. 
Irish Times (Saturday, 22 September 2012)
The Department of Education has reversed a budget decision to cut guidance counselling supports in a school in the southeast after a Junior Cert student intent on “serious self-harm” was taken to hospital.
Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 26 September 2012)
The coroner for south Kerry yesterday said there is set to be a big increase in suicides in his area this year.
Irish Examiner (Tuesday, 25 September 2012)
People who take their own lives do not think about the hurt and sorrow they leave behind, a coroner has said.
Suicide Prevention
Connaught Telegraph (Tuesday, 25 September 2012)
Thirteen family resource Centres (FRCs) from Mayo and Galway joined the global community in observing World Suicide Prevention Week by launching their suicide prevention code of practice.