May 28, 2014

Mental Health


More awareness of PTSD triggers needed, 27-May-2014

PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can occur after experiencing an intensely stressful event in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened. According to the findings, the disorder is less likely to be recognised in those who have had accidents or been sexually assaulted compared to those who have suffered military-related trauma.


Depression risk rises with visits to fertility clinics

Irish Independent, 26-May-2014

Couples who attend infertility clinics for a second time can suffer increased levels of depression and sadness.


Stripping the stigma from mental illness

Sunday Business Post Magazine, 25-May-2014

Research in 2012 by the mental health campaign group See Change, shows 50 per cent of Irish people would still deliberately conceal a mental health problem at work. A new campaign aims to get people talking openly about mental health problems.


Mental illnesses as bad for you as heavy smoking

Irish Examiner, 23-May-2014

Serious mental illness can reduce a person's life expectancy by 10 to 20 years, when the average reduction in life expectancy for heavy smokers is eight to 10, according to researchers from Oxford University.


City scientist identifies mental health signals

Galway City Tribune, 23-May-2014

A new study by a Galway scientist has revealed that genetic variants associated with risk for schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders are also associated with performance on measures of IQ, memory and social cognition.


Mental Health Services facing potential deficit

Irish Medical News, 23-May-2014

A number of mental health services are facing a combined potential deficit of €10.5 million.


Stress on the farm now a major mental health issue

Nationalist & Munster Advertiser, 22-May-2014

More than 9,000 calls were made by farmers and rural dwellers to a national suicide prevention helpline over a recent 14-month period, with more than half admitting they had attempted suicide in the past.


Policy of sending mentally ill patients abroad being reviewed

Irish Independent, 22-May-2014

The HSE is reviewing the practice of sending people abroad for mental health treatment following controversy over the closure of services here.



HSA probe psychiatric 'war zone' at hospital

Galway City Tribune, 23-May-2014

Staff letter alleges staff at Galway’s main psychiatric unit claim it resembles a war-zone with "dangerously low" staffing levels and "alarming overcrowding" of mental health patients at risk of suicide.


Psychiatric unit is safe, says Lynch

Irish Examiner, 23-May-2014

It has emerged that last week, a patient absconded from the psychiatric unit in University Hospital Galway and later died by suicide.