May 28, 2010

 Headline News Highlights

21st- 28th May 2010 

Mental Health 

Dads get the blues 

Irish Examiner Feelgood, 28-May-2010

A new study shows fathers feel depressed when baby arrives. Arlene Harris finds out what action they should take Becoming a parent is a life changing experience. But while it is undoubtedly exhausting, most people would say that the positive aspects far outweigh the negative.   

Curse of loneliness hitting our children

Evening Herald, 24-May-2010

Modern life leaves people feeling increasingly isolated and more children are lonely says a mental health charity. One in 10 often feel lonely and half think people are getting lonelier in general. More people are living alone than ever with the percentage of households occupied by one person doubling from 6pc in 1972 to 12pc in 2008. The divorce rate also almost doubled in the past 50 years with figures showing one in three people would like to live closer to their family.     

Mental Ill Health 

Mentally ill teens put on adult wards
Irish Times – 25/05/10

Irish children with severe mental health conditions are still being admitted to adult psychiatric hospitals where there is no specific treatment for them, a conference in Galway heard at the weekend. 

Psychiatrists reply to 'speculation' on risks
Irish Medical Times – 24/05/10
The training body for psychiatrists in this country has said that there is ‘no evidence’ of a link existing between antidepressant use and homicide, and that research has failed to establish a causal link between the use of these medications and suicide.  

Clarification on antidepressants and potential adverse effects
Irish Medical Times – 21/05/10

The College of Psychiatry of Ireland issued the following press statement last week, entitled ‘
perpetuating a false and stigmatising stereotype that people living with mental illness are violent. We would direct those interested in the…


Death of males due to poison, injury

Irish Examiner, 28-May-2010

More than 75% of males who died between the ages five and 34 years in 2007 died due to poisoning and other external causes of injury, according to figures.' The report .on vital statistics for 2007 released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) gives a breakdown of the births and deaths that occurred in 2007. The figures Show that one in 16 of all deaths were due to poisoning and external causes of injury.    

Young jobless 'consider suicide'
Bray People – 24/05/10
More than a third of jobless young people in Northern Ireland have felt suicidal, a survey has shown.  Over 18,000 have been considering taking their own lives because of the emotional impact of losing work, The Prince's Trust added.