June 28, 2013

Mental Health 
Irish Times (Friday, 28th June 2013)
Large numbers of Irish children are experiencing adverse events that cast a long shadow on their future physical and mental health, a conference has heard.
Mental Health Service
Irish Health.com (Friday, 28th June 2013)
A new psychological service aimed at people with relationship and sexuality issues has been launched by Saint John of God Hospital in Dublin.
Irish Times (Monday, 24th June 2013)
Nurses say understaffing and lack of investment has resulted in serious incidents.
Irish Examiner (Tuesday, 25th June 2013)
A hospital has pledged €150,000 to help establish a new suicide crisis centre in Cork.
Irish Medical Times (Thursday, 27th June 2013)
The Mental Health Commission (MHC) has issued a stark warning that the quality of mental health services are in serious danger of slipping unless already-promised community mental health posts are filled during 2013.
Irish Farmers Journal (Friday, 28th June 2013)
Margaret Hawkins checks out Helplink.ie  – a service that uses technology to make counselling accessible in rural areas.  
Irish Times (Friday, 28th June 2013)
Six girls under the age of 18 in State care were assisted in travelling abroad for abortions on suicide grounds in the past 20 years, Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald has confirmed.
Suicide Prevention
The Herald (Tuesday, 25th June 2013)
Gerry McEntee spoke about his beloved brother, Shane, on last Saturday’s Countrywide.