November 27, 2009

Mental Health Service

Mental health expert addresses symposium
Irish Times (Fri, 27  Nov 2009)
The most crucial issues facing people suffering from mental illness are their treatment and social functioning, according to an Australian expert. Prof Terry Carney, of the University of Sydney, addressed a symposium organised by the Mental Health Commission on the 2001 Mental Health Act in Dublin yesterday.

3,000 teens are waiting to see a psychiatrist
Evening Herald (Wed, 25 Nov 2009)
The recession is having a profoundly negative effect on the mental health of our children, a leading psychologist has claimed. Unemployment and financial troubles, which many Irish families are experiencing for the first time thanks to the recession, are contributing to feelings of anxiety in children.

Attitude to mental health 'must change'
The Irish Times (Tue, 24 Nov 2009)
THE STATE’S mental health watchdog has warned that there needs to be a “change of attitude” among health authorities if services for people with mental health problems are to improve.

Meetings will tackle mental health issues
Evening Echo (Wed, 24 Nov 2009)
A new series of meetings designed to help people take control of mental health issues has begun in Mayfield. Those suffering from depression, anxieties, phobias, panic attacks, lack of self esteem and stress may benefit from the GROW programme, a practical, positive and confidential programme. throughout the country.

HSE outlines Clare Mental Health changes
Clare Champion (Fri, 20 Nov 2009)
Plans for radical changes in the delivery of mental health services in Clare were unveiled by the HSE at a meeting with union representatives on Thursday. Local HSE management insisted the changes are essentially driven by the need to do what is best for clients, incorporate national polices for the delivery of local services and respond in a timely and safe manner to the constraints placed on available resources.

Mental Health

The upside to feeling down
The Irish Times (Tue, 24 Nov 2009)
There’s no need to look on the bright side of life anymore – a less optimistic approach is of more benefit, according to recent research, writes CHARLIE TAYLOR

Mallow Star (Thu, 19 Nov 2009)
Dan Neville TD, President of the Irish Association of Suicidology, has accepted an invitation to join the Advisory Board of the College of Psychiatry of Ireland. The college was established in January 2009 following the amalgamation of three different organisations, the Irish College of Psychiatrists, the Irish Psychiatric Association (IPA) and the Irish Psychiatric Training Committee (IPTC).

Mental Illness

Use of antipsychotic medications by children linked to significant weight gain
Irish Medical Times (Thu, 26 Nov 2009)
Many paediatric and adolescent patients who received second-generation antipsychotic medications experienced significant weight gain, along with varied adverse effects on cholesterol and triglyceride levels and other metabolic measures, according to a new study.

Mental health gene clue
Irish Examiner (Thu, 26 Nov 2009)
Scientists revealed yesterday that they have discovered a gene which may help explain the causes of mental illness. Researchers have found that the gene, named ABCA13, is partially inactive in patients with severe psychological conditions. Identifying the genes which predispose people to psychiatric illness may lead to new treatments and may "open up a whole new area of biology".


Suicide Prevention

Taxi campaign focus on suicide
Irish Examiner (Mon, 23 Nov 2009)
A campaign highlighting the growing plight of suicide in the taxi industry and the general public is set to be launched over the coming days. As part of the nationwide move, from November 30 to December 6, hundreds of suicide prevention information packs are to be publicised and sold by taxi drivers across the country.

New study examines male death by suicide
Clare Champion (Fri, 20 Nov 2009)
A new study group is looking to make contact with young men who have lost male friends through death by suicide over the last five years. In 2007, 17 people were suspected of taking their own lives in the county, all but one of them male.

Priest to launch book on suicide in society
Sunday Tribune (Sun, 22 Nov 2009)
A priest who has dealt with over 20 suicides will next week launch a book calling for a radical rethink on how society treats those who try to kill themselves and the families of those who take their own lives.