August 27, 2010

Mental Health

Does it work?
Irish Times (Tues, 24 August 2010)
A growing body of evidence shows that vitamin D is connected to mood levels. However, the evidence that vitamin D supplements prevent or relieve Seasonal Affective Disorder is inconsistent. Beneficial effects have been found, especially for women and older people.

Mental Health Service

100 psychiatric nursing posts yet to be allocated
Irish Examiner (Fri, 27 August 2010)
A review of where 100 psychiatric nursing posts will be appointed is "ongoing" but is expected to be completed in the coming weeks, according to the HSE.

Garda and HSE urged to effect key reforms
Irish Times (Thurs, 26 August 2010)
Head of the Garda Síochána Inspectorate, Kathleen O’Toole has urged the force and the HSE to implement immediately key reforms related to mental health supports for the force that she first suggested 3½ years ago.  Currently, Garda negotiators called in to deal with sieges still do not have access to mental health experts to assist them during such flashpoint incidents. The recommendations that have yet to be implemented deal with the availability of mental health experts to support Garda negotiators.

Counselling centre sees 60% rise in demand for services
Sunday Business Post (Sun, 20 August 2010)
Pieta House, Ireland’s only centre for the prevention of self-harm or suicide  has recorded a 60% increase in demand for their services in June and July of this year. Staff provided more than 1,000 counselling hours in the two-month period, at a time when they usually see a fall-off in demand.

Mental Illness

Sad mothers' babies at risk of early death
Evening Herald (Thurs, 26 August 2010)
New research has been carried out in India on maternal depressive symptoms and anxiety. Expectant mothers who experience depression or anxiety during their pregnancy double the chances of their babies having a low birth-weight.

ECT side effects may be short-term
Irish Times (Tues, 24 August 2010)
Many side-effects linked to memory and thought processes following electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) are transient, according to a new analysis from Trinity College Dublin. The analysis of more than 80 published studies involving almost 3,000 patients found that cognitive deficits were evident within a few days of finishing a course of ECT, but that several functions returned to baseline within two weeks and improved in some cases after that time.

A violent stigma for mentally ill
Irish Times (Tues, 24 August 2010)
Psychiatric nurses argue that more staff are needed to manage violent patients – but are patients with mental illness any more violent than the rest of the community?