April 12, 2016

Why words matter when it comes to mental health

05/04/2016, The Guardian

I choose to speak out when I hear people misusing epithets such as psycho and nutter. This doesn’t make me a po-faced party pooper – language shapes attitudes…


LISTEN: Mind Your Selfie For Mental Health
08/04/2016, 98FM
People are being asked to take a selfie and post it on social media today in order to kick-start a conversation about mental health…

Katie’s bright idea to help those who feel alone
08/04/2016, Irish Examiner
Katie wants Lisa’s Lights to encourage young people to talk to each other: “Talking like it is OK not to be OK and start getting young people to talk about mental health…

Suicide helpline available for farmers in need

05/04/2016, Irish Farmers Journal
The Mind Our Farm Families phone line and counselling service provides support to farmers or their families who are feeling suicidal. The Mind Our Farm Families phone line – 1890 130 022 – is accessible Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

‘I stayed in my bedroom for eight months’- Taxi driver founds lifesaving initiative after crippling battle with depression
05/04/2016, Irish Independent
An Irish taxi driver has opened up about his personal battle with mental illness, which spurred him to set up a lifesaving group aimed at preventing suicide in his local area…

Well-being: Spring clean – Our minds need a deep cleaning too

05/04/2016 – Irish Independent
Spring is the time of year when we spruce up our living spaces, clean out our closets and get the house in order. I recently attended a yoga class where the teacher advised that we apply the same principle to our minds…

Limerick schoolboy's 'positivity pack' is the latest start-up to tackle mental health issues
05/04/2016, Irish Examiner
A Limerick schoolboy has launched a new start-up in a bid to raise awareness of positive mental health…

Dr Ciara Kelly: 'Everybody hurts sometimes – including me'
04/04/2016, Irish Independent
Anyone's mental health can come under pressure. Anyone's. There is that misconception out there that there are people with mental health problems and then there's the rest of us. But that simply isn't true. Because put someone – any­one – under enough pressure and their mental health will suffer…