October 8, 2014

Mental Health

Routine mental health screening in schools could help 1 in 10 children with issues
Thejournal.ie, 08-Oct-2014
A new study published in The Lancet finds that schools are key tor eaching children who are suffering from meantal health problems.
Cannabis ‘can cause mental health probmes’, says new study
Irish Independent, 08-Oct-2014
Teenagers users do worse at school and are twice as likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia or report psychotic symptoms in adulthood.
Urgent call to fill mental health posts
Dublin People, 08-Oct-2014
A Dublin TD has called for vacant posts to be filled in community mental health teams as a matter of urgency.
‘Upbeat’ radio station aims to start positive conversation about mental health
Thejournal.ie, 07-Oct-2014
This week, ‘Upbeat On Air’ pop-up radio station will bring 75 hours of live music and chat dedicated to promoting positive mental health.
Study shows people hide stress at work
Irish Examiner, 07-Oct-2014
Huge numbers of workers are hiding mental health conditions from their employers because they fear it will affect their job, according to a new report.
‘Stigma of mental illness unfair and crude’
Irish Examiner, 07-Oct-2014
65% of people believe that being treated for a mental health issue is a sign of personal failure, according to a survey by St Patrick’s mental health services.
Take it as read that a book can ease depression
Irish Examiner, 07-Oct-2014
A successful mental health programme, backed by the HSE and the library network, is being rolled out across Cork.
Mental health: Headspace – the essence of truth is expressed through the immediacy of art
Irish Times, 07-Oct-2014
Headspace is distributed for free to 30 psychiatric hospitals, clinics and mental health support centres here and in the UK.
UCC probes why some are more resilient to stress
Irish Examiner, 07-Oct-2014
Dubbed the health epedemic of the 21st century, scientists are looking to the human brain to combat the negative effects of stress.
Dealing with childhood bereavement is vital, says Minister
Irish Times, 06-Oct-2014
Failing to deal with bereavement could have an impact on children’s education and mental health.
Many long-term unemployed are too depressed to seek work
Irish Independent, 05-Oct-2014
For many, news of recovery means little, as being out of work for sao long leaves them depressed.
Acute and mental health services on the ‘brink of collapse’
Thejournal..ie, 04-Oct-2014
A lack of consultants is pushing many acute hospital departments and mental health services to the ‘brink of collapse’ – the Irish Hospital Consultants Association claims.
Staff concerns over cut in Cork psychiatric services
Irish Examiner, 04-Oct-2014
Staff at a Cork psychiatric hospital held a meeting yesterday to discuss their response.
Men’s Sheds encourage friendship and productivity
Irish Times, 03-Oct-2014
“Our motto is that men don’t talk face-to-fact – they talk shoulder to shoulder”
Deal done for Irish film Patrick’s Day
RTÉ Ten, 04-Oct-2014
It tells the story of Patrick, a person with schizophrenia who falls in love with Karen, “an alcoholic, suicidal air hostess”. 


Ireland’s first suicide prevention helpline to close down at the end of this month
Irish Independent, 07-Oct-2014
Calls to 1Life will be redirected to Samaritans as part of an effort to streamline the number of free helplines available to callers in crisis.
Minor tranquillisers ‘cause 40% of overdoses’
Irish Examiner, 07-Oct-2014
A study said that intentional drug oversose was the most common form of hospital-treated suicidal behaviour, accounting for up to 85% of self-harm presentations.
VIDEO: Concerns over availability of suicide helplines
RTÉ, 05-Oct-2014
More inbvestment is needed in mental health support servcies according to suicide awareness campaigners who hels a demonstration in Dublin yesterday.