February 8, 2013

Mental Health
Irish Examiner (Friday, 8th February 2013)
Irish nurses have been tempted by higher wages and less stress in Australia.
Irish Times (Saturday, 2nd February 2013)
It is 9am on Wednesday, and Anthony O’Connor, a medical registrar at St James’s Hospital in Dublin, is beginning his on-call shift by reviewing his inpatient files. 
Mental Health Service
Tuesday (Tuesday, 5th February 2013)
The Jigsaw project aims to bring mental health services to where the children and teenagers are, rather than wait for the most vulnerable to access help themselves.
Northside People West (Wednesday, 6th February 2013)
A new €21 million mental health facility has been completed in the Grangegorman campus. 
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 7th February 2013)
For two centuries , mental healthcare in Ireland was ignorant and cruel. Conditions in hospitals were barbaric, with more admissions meaning more profit. 
Irish Times (Saturday, 2nd February 2013)
A collection of historical studies reveals that high rates of confinement, appalling conditions and a lack of amenities were all features of our asylums in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Suicide Prevention
Medical Independent (Thursday, 31st January 2013)
Dr Paul Heslin wants to talk with survivors of suicide to find out what works.
Irish Times (Monday, 4th February 2013) 
The National Suicide Research Foundation says the Government could significantly reduce the number of people taking their own lives by adopting a suicide prevention programme that has reduced the suicide rate in Germany by 15 per cent.