July 26, 2013

Mental Health
Irish Independent (Thursday, 25th July 2013)
Knowing how, when and if you should tell your employer and colleagues about your mental health problem can be difficult. 
Irish Times (Tuesday, 23rd July 2013)
A Labour Senator has hit out at the attitude towards mental health expressed by some of those opposed to abortion for women who are suicidal.
Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 24th July 2013)
To the world at large, Frank Bruno had it all: a WBC heavyweight boxing champion, a consummate media performer with a talent for singing, and a father of four.
Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 24th July 2013)
Prisoners subjected to 22 and 23 hour lock-ups are at greater risk of developing mental health issues, campaigners have said.
Mental Health Service
Irish Times (Tuesday, 23rd July 2013)
The Government is planning to end the practice of administering electro-convulsive treatment (ECT) to patients who are unwilling to give consent to treatment.
Evening Echo (Tuesday, 23rd July 2013)
The Cork branch of The Samaritans has launched a campaign highlighting their free services.
Irish Times (Sunday, 21st July 2013)
Carl O’Brien’s series, “After the Asylum”, raises important questions about how best to support individuals who have mental health difficulties, but it also highlights how much stigma still exists.
Suicide Prevention
Irish Times (Thursday, 25th July 2013)
The new method of reaching out to at-risk users will be done solely through Facebook, providing a “checkpoint” the next time the profile logs in.