January 8, 2010

Mental Health Service

Bearing culture in mind
Irish Times (Tue, 5 Jan 2010)
Research at some GP clincis has found that asylum seekers are more likely than Irish citizens to be diagnosed with mental health problems, writes CATHERINE REILLY

People fit for discharge 'still detained' at mental hospital
Irish Examiner (Sat, 2 Jan 2010)
People are being detained at the Central Mental Hospital despite being deemed tit for discharge because there is no way to enforce conditions for their release. The state body charged with reviewing court ordered detentions called for changes in the law to ensure safeguards can be put in place for patients and the public.

Psychiatric unit drug smuggling 'a national problem'
Irish Examiner (Wed, 30 Dec 2009)
The smuggling of illicit drugs and alcohol into psychiatric units for patients is a problem across the mental health service. The claim was made yesterday by the general secretary of the Psychiatric Nurses Association (PNA),Des Kavanagh.

Psychiatric wards report not surprising, says nurses' group
Irish Times (Tues, 29 Dec 2009)
The discovery by the State’s mental health inspectors that wards in several psychiatric hospital are unfit for human habitation is “not surprising”, given cutbacks to the Republic’s mental health services, the Psychiatric Nurses’ Association of Ireland (PNA) has said.

Psychiatric wards unfit for human habitation, report finds
Irish Times (Mon, 28 Dec 2009)
The State’s mental health inspectors have warned that wards in a number of psychiatric hospitals are “unfit for human habitation” and need to be closed down as a matter of urgency.

Criminal justice system fails men with mental illness
Irish Examiner (Mon, 21 Dec 2009
The mental health services and the criminal justice sys- tem are "failing young men with severe mental illnesses," according to research. The study found that people with psychoses are disproportionately over-represented within the remand prison population. Not only that, but their condition is getting worse while in prison, it finds.

Mental Health

New free support service for vets launched
Irish Veterinary Journal (Mon, 4 Jan 2010)
The Irish Veterinary Benevolent Fund (IVBF), in collaboration with the Veterinary Council, Veterinary Officers Association and Veterinary Ireland, has announced that a Veterinary Assistance Programme (VAP) will be provided to veterinary professionals in Ireland free of charge.

Sunday Independent (Sun, 3 Jan 2010)
'Charity Birthdays' or CBs are the latest trend for those in their late 20s and early 30s, and are to become the rage in Ireland this year.  increasing numbers of young professionals are now seeking to use the occasion of their birthday to raise money for worthy causes at a time of such economic hardship.

Teens 'should be allowed refuse medical treatment'
Irish Examiner (Wed, 23 Dec 2009)
Children as young as 14 should have the right to refuse medical treatment in certain circumstances, ac- cording to the Law Reform Commission. The "provisional recommendation" is contained in a consultation paper, Children and the Law: Medical Treatment, which was launched by the Children's Minister Barry Andrews yesterday.

Study aims to hit right note for mental health therapy
Irish Times (Tue, 22 Dec 2009)
A LANDMARK study into how music therapy can assist children and young people with severe mental health problems is shortly to begin in the North.

Singing their hearts out
Irish Times (Tue, 22 Dec 2009)
Choral singing is good for your physical and mental health – it lifts the spirits, warms the heart and fills the lungs with air, writes SYLVIA THOMPSON

HSE booklet to help flooding victims
Irish Examiner (Sat, 19 Dec 2009)
THE Health Service Executive has launched a leaflet to help people cope with the emotional upset caused by the recent flooding. Called Coping with Flooding, it has been produced by the HSE's Psychology Service in Galway — one of the worst-affected areas during the floods.

Mental Illness

Author praised by experts for going public on depression
Irish Times (Thu, 7 Jan 2010)
Bestselling author Marian Keyes has received hundreds of messages of support from fans after disclosing that she is battling “crippling depression”.

Early bedtime protects teens against depression
Sunday Tribune (Sun, 3 Jan 2010)
Going to bed earlier protects teenagers against depression and suicidal thoughts, research suggests. A US study of 12- to 18-year-olds found those with bedtimes after midnight were 24% more likely to have depression than those who went to bed before 10pm.

Hanafin to develop policy that addresses mental illness
Irish Times (Wed, 30 Dec 2009)
Minister for Social and Family Affairs Mary Hanafin has said she will
develop policy to take account of increasing numbers of people on disability payments because of stress and mental illness.

Suicide Prevention

Six Irish have used Swiss suicide service since 1998
Irish Times (Fri, 8 Jan 2010)
Six people from Ireland have taken their lives at a Swiss-based assisted suicide service since its foundation, according to figures released by the organisation.

Increase in calls to HSE South's farm helpline
Irish Times (Mon, 4 Jan 2010)
A farm and rural-stress helpline received close to 700 calls last year and calls increased in the past two months because of economic and weather problems. The HSE South said 2009 presented many challenges to those living in rural areas in Kerry and Cork – both economically and with regard to the weather.

Three patients every year take their own lives in healthcare
Sunday Tribune (Sun, 3 Jan 2010)
Suicide rates in health facilities are averaging three a year, a statistic experts believe could be reduced. Figures obtained by the Sunday Tribune show that over the last five years, 15 patients have taken their own lives while in state care

Laois GAA board tackles suicide
Leinster Express (Wed, 23 Dec 2009)
Laois GAA board tackles suicide Conor Ganly GAA club members were urged to be open with players about suicide at a special meeting held this month in Portlaoise.

Warning over rural isolation and suicide
Irish Times (Tue, 22 Dec 2009)
Irish Rural Link, the national network representing rural community groups, has said the economic crisis has meant that stress, isolation and suicide are becoming even more serious problems in rural areas.

Group highlights suicide risk for broken families
Irish Independent (Mon 21, Dec 2009)
Up to 20 parents took their own lives over the past year because they were denied access to their children, it was claimed yester- day. The Unmarried and Separated Fathers of Ireland (USFI) said two of its members took their lives in recent weeks as they could not face another Christmas without seeing their children.


Cork city men are most at risk of self-harming
Evening Echo (Sat, 2 Jan 2010)
The rate of deliberate self-harm, (DSH), among men was highest in Cork and Limerick cities, in 2008, according to research. The economic downturn is having a negative effect on the mental health of young Irish men, according to the National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRP), which has recorded a worrying increase in deliberate self-harm in this group.