June 25, 2014


Mental Health

Vulnerable psychiatric patients living in ‘mini-institutions’
Irishtimes.com 24-June-2014
A report by the State’s mental health watchdog estimates that there are at least 115 supervised hostels run by the HSE which accommodate about 1,500 patients.
Isolated and institutionalised: the reality of life for many mentally ill patients in community care
irishtimes.com, 24-June-2014
Cypress Lodge, a community residence for people with mental health problems, is not exceptional. However conditions there help to explain why care in the community isn’t always what it seems.
Rates of self harm in city among highest in Ireland
Connacht Sentinel, 24-Jun-2014
Women and men in Galway City have the fifth and sixth highest rates of self harm respectively in the country.

New HSE programme aims to reduce suicide rates
Irishtimes.com, 24-June-2014
A new self-harm treatment programme which is being adopted by the HSE could help reduce suicide rates and emergency hospital visits by half, according to an expert in the field.
Patients still in Victorian mental hospitals
irishhealth.com, 23-June-2014
A total of five of the old 19th century psychiatric hospital buildings were still open and housing patients at the end of 2013, according to the Mental Health Commission (MHC).
US expert helps tackle Cork self-harm problems
Evening Echo, 24-Jun-2014
A renowned psychologist has been training mental health professionals in Cork in the delivery of a treatment programme that could cut suicide rates in half.
Minister defends psychiatric services
Irish Examiner, 23-Jun-2014
Mental health minister Kathleen Lynch has said there are no resource issues in psychiatric services in Carlow, Kilkenny and South Tipperary even though nine people died in the service between August 2011 and January 2013.
Women afraid to raise mental health concerns
Irish Examiner, 23-Jun-2014
Women afraid by Noel Baker Some women are afraid to seek help for mental health issues over fears their children may be taken away from them, with inadequate services for women highlighted as a major concern.
Hospital deaths not due to staff shortage, says Lynch
Irish Independent, 23-Jun-2014
Junior health minister Kathleen Lynch has denied that a staff shortage could be to blame for nine fatalities at psychiatric hospitals in recent years.
More than 80 children admitted to adult psychiatric units last year
irishexaminer.com, 23-Jun-2014
The report showed 91 such admissions last year involving 83 children, with the inspectorate claiming it was "concerned about the high number of children being admitted to adult inpatient units, although this number has decreased since 2009". 
Doctors warn of mental health suicide crisis
irishmirror.ie, 22-Jun-2014
Top doctors slammed mental a region's health services as unsafe after 13 suicides since 2012.
Self-harm rate among women huge concern
The Herald, 21-Jun-2014
The revelation comes as a new self-harm treatment programme reduced by 99.5pc in just one pilot study the number of days spent in Irish hospitals by suicidal patients.
Urgent changes sought for mental health system
Clare Champion, 20-Jun-2014
An Ennis woman, who recently tried to take her own life, has appealed for changes in the general admission and treatment policies for people suffering from severe psychological and emotional distress.
New fears over safety at hospital psych unit
Galway City Tribune, 20-Jun-2014
Safety concerns over the Psychiatric Unit at University Hospital Galway (UHG) have prompted fresh calls this week for a 22-bed acute unit in Ballinasloe to be reopened.
LOCAL WOMAN TELLS HER STORY The reality of mental illness
The Avondhu, 19-Jun-2014
The Avondhu started a series on mental health with the title 'Mind Yourselfie'. It sparked such a response from the public that a local woman came to the paper to share her 20-year struggle with mental illness.
You feel life is passing you by
Evening Echo, 19-Jun-2014
Young people are in danger of depression when subjected to long periods of unemployment, according to research.
Services for mental health often 'inadequate'
Irish Examiner, 19-Jun-2014
More and more families are experiencing mental health problems and when they do, services are often inadequate, with an over-reliance on medication, according to a Barnardos report.
Depressed women at risk of an early death, study finds
Independent.ie, 19-Jun-2014
Depression more than doubled the chances of women in this age group having a heart attack, dying from heart disease or any other cause, or undergoing artery-opening surgery, said researchers. 
New website highlights mental health services
Northside People East, 18-Jun-2014
A new website has been launched which provides a guide to the services and supports offered by Mental Health Reform's 45 member organisations.

HSE hits out at probes of deaths at centres
Irish Examiner, 25-Jun-2014
Half of all unexplained deaths in community mental health centres do not undergo adequate investigations into whether system flaws contributed to the tragedies.
Shock report on mental care suicides
irishhealth.com, 24-June-2014
Fifty per cent of cases of unexplained deaths that took place in community mental health services had not been investigated or reviewed by the services, a recent HSE audit has found.
Behaviour plan to stop suicide and self-harm
Irish Examiner, 21-Jun-2014
A treatment programme that has dramatically reduced suicide and self-harm rates in other countries is to be rolled out across Ireland.
Suicide-relationship link
Evening Echo, 19-Jun-2014
Almost half of suicide cases in Cork have been linked to relationship breakdown.