October 24, 2008

Mental Health Service

A Limerick lash for Government over psychiatric service funding
Limerick Independent (Wed, 22 Oct 2008)
TD, Dan Neville, has claimed that the Government is denying the human rights of Irish patients by "continuing to under-fund the psychiatric services".

Inmate queue for psychiatric care 'dangerous'
Sunday Tribune (Sun, 19 Oct)
Some 17 mentally ill prisoners are on a waiting list for transfer to the Central Mental Hospital, which is a "wholly inadequate" and "potentially dangerous" situation for all inmates.  The prevalence of mental illness among the prison population is significantly higher than among the general population, according to the Irish Prison Service.

Mental Health

Crisis, what crisis?
Irish Health.com (Wed, 22 Oct 2008)
Despite the depressing daily news of the growing economic crisis in Ireland and worldwide, most Irish people aren't particularly bothered about it, according to our latest viewers' poll.

Growing pains: there may be trouble ahead for Ireland's ageing population
Sunday Tribune (Sun, 19 Oct 2008)
Women in Ireland aged 50 and over are significantly more likely to report feeling depressed than their male counterparts, with differences between the sexes becoming more pronounced as they get older, groundbreaking research to be launched tomorrow has revealed.


Suicide Prevention

Weight drug banned
Irish Daily Mail (Fri, 24 Oct 2008)
European Medicines Agency suspends pill after link to suicide and depression.  Safety chiefs have suspended the use of a weight loss drug over concerns that it may be linked to suicide and sudden death. The officials said the risk of side-effects from the drug, Acomplia, outweighed its benefits.

Medicines board monitors safety of anti-smoking drug
Irish Examiner (Fri,  24 Oct 2008)
Medicines board monitors safety of anti-smoking drug.  The safety of the anti-smoking drug, Champix, is being closely monitored by the Irish Medicines Board, as it emerged that the drug is one of the most commonly complained about drugs in the United States. The US Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that Champix (called Chantix in the US) and Heparin, the blood- thinning tablet, account for a large share of reported negative drug reaction and deaths.

Irish Examiner (Tue, 21 Oct 2008)
Bullying, in the workplace is cited as a causal factor in 25% of all suicides and should, therefore, be immediately criminalised under Irish law, according to the authors of a manual on the subject.  Jacinta Kitt, a former primary schoolteacher and co-author of the anti-bullying manual, which will be published next year, said current legislation to deal with an increasingly serious issue is not working.