August 23, 2013

Mental Health
Galway City Tribune (Friday, 16th August 2013)
NUI Galway group develops community space to mark European Year of Citizens.
Galway City Tribune (Friday, 16th August 2013)
Cost angers unions as another state-of-the-art facility is shut. (Sunday, 18th August 2013)
The last five years of my life have been transformational. And I know in my heart that none of what I have achieved would have come about if I hadn’t taken the brave step to become self-aware, writes Dil Wickremasinghe.
Sunday Independent (Sunday, 18th August 2013)
Greg O’Donoghue, the Vice President and Welfare Officer of the National College of Ireland Students’ Union says anyone feeling nervous about starting college should bear in mind that most other new students “feel the same, so you are not alone.”
Irish Examiner (Tuesday, 20th August 2013)
Anti-bullying awareness adverts will be inserted into a large percentage of primary and secondary school textbooks by the end of 2014. 
Mental Health Service
Village (Friday, 16th August 2013)
Numbers and severity increasing as awareness of benefits of counselling grow in economic crisis and complex times. (Monday, 19th August 2013)
The Mental Health Reform’s pre-budget campaign, being launched today, outlines what changes are needed to provide proper psychological support to those in need, writes Orla Barry.
Irish Times (Tuesday, 20th August 2013)
Could a talking cure be administered on Skype? A policy on online therapy is due to be introduced soon
Irish Times (Tuesday, 20th August 2013)
Female perpetrators killed their children while male perpetrators killed friends, parents, partners, ex-partners, children or their whole family.
Irish Examiner (Friday, 23rd August 2013)
In a ground-breaking bid to establish a definite link between suicide rates and the recession, Cork-based researchers are to interview survivors of a potentially lethal act of self-harm.
Suicide Prevention
Irish Medical Times (Wednesday, 21st August 2013)
A screening tool used in hospitals to detect suicide risk among patients who have self-harmed should be ditched, according to a new study published online in the Emergency Medicine Journal.