July 22, 2011

Eating Disorders

Only 4% of women have any chance of displaying the 'ideal' body

Evening Echo (Monday, 18 July 2011)
Magazines constantly bombard us women with weight loss stories and weight loss statistics of celebrities. These celebrity articles often provide the reader with the height of the star in question, in addition to their alleged weight. This is potentially dangerous for a number of reasons.

Mental Health

Young go online for mental health help
Irish Times (Thursday, 21 July 2011)
Young people are more likely to seek help for mental health problems online than access traditional services, according to a new report. The 'Learning to Reach Out' report, which was published this morning, shows that many of those who have turned to health professionals for information and support have come away dissatisfied.

Mental Health Service

Psychiatric nurses serve notice of industrial action

Irish Examiner (Friday, 22 July 2011)
The Psychiatric Nurses Association (PNA) has served notice of industrial action on the Health Service Executive because of its failure to properly facilitate the planned closure of mental health services at St Ita's Hospital.

Central Mental Hospital case reviews rise by 22% last year
Irish Times (Tuesday, 19 July 2011)
There was an increase of 22 per cent in the number of reviews carried out during 2010 of patients detained in the Central Mental Hospital. The annual report of the Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Board has disclosed some 205 reviews took place during the year, involving a total of 94 patients. It is chaired by High Court Judge Brian McCracken.

Admissions will cease at St Ita's after August
Fingal Independent (Tuesday, 19 July 2011)
St. Ita's Hospital will stop accepting admissions by the end of August, the Fingal Independent can reveal, amid accusations of a 'sweep through" by the Government ahead of the summer recess.


The overbearing weight of money woes
Irish Independent (Monday, 18 July 2011)
The effects of unemployment on suicide rates and suicidal behaviour are well recognised. The question is whether unemployment causes suicide and self- harm or whether there is some other factor. These questions have been subject to statistical analysis and scientific debate in learned journals, without any resolution as yet.