January 21, 2015


Mental Health

Trinity students launch new campaign
Southside People, 21-Jan-2015
A new mental health campaign has been launched by the students’ union in Trinity College after success of last year’s #TCDTalks campaign.
How I learned to cope with SAD…
Irish Independent, 21-Jan-22015
Carol Hunt talks about Seasonal Affective Disorder and how to avoid ‘falling victim to depression’.
Mental Health Commission may be given 'Hiqa-type' watchdog role
Irish Examiner, 21-Jan-2015
Junior health minister Kathleen Lynch has raised the possibility of extending the role of the Mental Health Commission to the inspection of community outpatient mental health services.
Students make mental health their business
Clare People, 20-Jan-2015
Transition year students in Shannon have established a company that promotes positive mental health through the means of wood signs with motivational quotes on them.
Share your Trichotillomania experience for clinical study
Irish Independent, 19-Jan-2015
Trichotillomania is a condition where sufferers are compelled to tear their hair out and it can affect four in every 100 people.

Calls to suicide charity Console up a third over Christmas
The Irish Times, 21-Jan-2015
National suicide helpline rose by almost a third (average of 165 calls a day) over ‘difficult’ festive season.
Bessborough suicide support centre
Irish Examiner, 20-Jan-2015
Suicide charity Console has acquired Bessborough House in Cork City and plans to convert it into its largest support, training and education facility.
Increase in more lethal methods of self-harm in recession
Irish Examiner, 20-Jan-2015
According to a study, the use of lethal methods has risen by more than 50% for women and by more than 33% for men.
Coronor 'alarmed' after seven suicide inquests in one day
Herald.ie, 19-Jan-2015
A coroner has said that the rate of suicide in Ireland has reached an alarming level after he conducted inquests into the deaths of seven people in one sitting who took their own lives.

Suicide charity Pieta House announces new CEO
Independent.ie, 19-Jan-2015
Pieta House has announced the appointment of Brian J Higgins as its new Chief Executive Officer.
Professor Green anti-suicide campaign: Rapper launches TV appeal to raise awareness of male depression
Irish Mirror, 15-Jan-2015
in a bid to protect and prevent male depression a charity TV appeal with the BBC has been launched which aims to raise awareness of male suicide – the single biggest killer of men aged 20-45 in the UK.