November 20, 2015

Generation therapy – The number of people accessing counselling and psychotherapy 'is on the rise'
Irish Independent, 19/11/2015
IAUCC "noted a 300% increase in students attending on-campus counselling in the last 8 years"   
How to help a loved one battling depression or anxiety
Irish Independent, 18/11/2015
Expert advice on how to help family and friends experiencing poor mental health

Infant mental health: Giving children the best head start
Irish Times, 17/11/2015
The first 1,000 days are vital, so infants must get the best care at this stage of their life

'It is our thoughts that fuel our stress'
Irish Independent, 17/11/2015
It sometimes surprises people to hear a psychologist say that "thoughts and feelings are not facts". I often say to patients that when you really, really believe that something is absolutely true, it's time to doubt yourself.
How to be happy: The essential expert tips
Irish Independent, 16/11/2015
Dr Paul D'Alton is director of the Masters (Msc) in Mindfulness-Based Interventions at the School of Psychology UCD, president of the Psychological Society of Ireland and head of the Department of Psycho-oncology at St Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin

Mental health and wellbeing must be valued in society
Irish Independent, 14/11/2015
On average, people in Ireland have good mental health and wellbeing. That's what the national health survey found when it asked adults questions such as how much they felt 'full of life', were 'calm and peaceful', 'had lots of energy', and had been a 'happy person' in the previous month.

‘I lost two brothers to suicide. It’s unimaginable that it could happen twice’
The Journal, 14/11/2015
With suicide you are robbed of the natural grieving process. It should be about the person but the act takes over, writes Mary O’Neill.