May 25, 2010

Mental Health 

One in 10 new dads suffer depression

Irish Examiner, 20th-May-2010

One in 10 new dad’s suffer depression. Its not just mothers who can get post-natal depression, with a US study finding one in about every 10 new fathers suffers from "baby blues".  Researchers from the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk pooled data from 43 studies involving about 28,000 participants that documented depression in fathers from the first three months of pregnancy to the first year after delivery.  

Taking Prozac in pregnancy could 'double risk to baby'

Irish Mail on Sunday, 16th-May-2010

Women who take antidepressants while pregnant are being warned by health chiefs about the risks to their unborn child. A medicines watchdog has put out an alert to doctors and midwives advising them there is an increased risk that babies will be born with a rare lung condition if expectant mothers take drugs like Prozac and Seroxat. The British Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is recommending mothers-to-be are monitored more carefully. 

Killarney to go mad with pride

Kerry’s Eye,13th May-2010

Cork singer John Spillane Is headlining the Mad Pride Family Fun Day which takes place In Killarney on Saturday, May 22nd, as part of a national campaign to understand the 'normality of madness'.   

Mental Ill Health   

Mental health services 'have lost 1,000 staff 

Irish Examiner 21st-May-2010

UP to 1,000 staff have been lost across the mental health services around the country in the past 18 months, a leading psychiatrist has said. President of the College of Psychiatry of Ireland Dr Justin Brophy has warned "Irish mental health services are facing a grave crisis" unless these staff are replaced. Dr Brophy acknowledged that improvements have been made in mental health services here but he warned there is a growing lack of access
to treatment.  

Keeping depression under Wraps
Irish Times  18th May 2010
The Wellness Recovery Action Plan is aimed at men who often find it harder than women to cope with the downturn.  It’s hardly surprising that mental health services around the State are seeing an increase in admissions as a result of the economic slump.


Suicide on rise among teenagers tormented by bullies

Irish Independent, 17th-May-2010

DOZENS of young Irish teenagers have fallen victim to the same fate as Phoebe Prince, who took her own life after being tormented by bullies, Ireland's leading bullying expert has warned. Latest figures from the Central Statistics Office reveal more than 70 teenagers under 17 took their own lives between 2006 and last September.  

Suicide Prevention 

Rural stress helpline sees a doubling in calls

Irish Examiner, 18th May-2010

THE number of calls to the Farm and Rural Stress Helpline in Cork and Kerry has doubled in the first six months of this year compared to last year, according to experts. HSE South members were told of "a huge change in the profile of people who are calling the rural helpline" since the downturn began over two years ago.