June 21, 2013

Mental Health 

A Year of Living Mindfully: Nature can release us from mental turmoil

Irish Times (Tuesday, 18th June 2013)

This week I spent a day in the country with people who are real pros at living in the now. Being in their company, I slowed down and found it easy to be mindful.

"Slowly I began to break free of my broken self…. here I…

Evening Echo (Tuesday, 18th June 2013)

At one time in her life, Sinead Kidney felt suicide was the answer to her pain.

Mental Illness


Emergency Services Ireland (Wednesday, 19th June 2013)

People with mental illnesses are at increased risk of becoming the victim of a murder, a new study from Swedish and US scientists reveals.   

Mental Health Service

We should be outraged at the neglect of our mentally-ill young

Irish Independent (Wednesday, 19th June 2013)

In Ireland one in ten children and adolescents experience a mental health difficulty severe enough to require specialist treatment. 


Samaritans list dispels myths around sensitive topic

Evening Echo (Thursday, 20th June 2013)

The lack of discussion around suicide and self-harm in Ireland has allowed certain myths and misinformation to develop.

Suicide Prevention

Training can help spot the suicide risks

Evening Echo (Tuesday, 18th June 2013)

The rise in suicide rates in Cork and Kerry has led to a 100% increase in the number of people taking part in suicide prevention training programmes in this region over the last two years. 

"His death devastated me…

Evening Echo (Tuesday, 18th June 2013)

A Midleton father who lost his teenage son to suicide has said the death was like a hand grenade exploding in the middle of his family.

'There is hope…ask for help'

Evening Echo (Tuesday, 18th June 2013)

“Please remember that there is hope. Keep battling, ask for help. The pain and the darkness can be lifted.”

Pledge to plug gap in funds to curb suicide

Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 19th June 2013)

The Government has ple
dged that any “gap” in funding for suicide prevention will be addressed and that the issue of suicide will be prioritised. 

Pieta's arrival will help in war against suicide

Evening Echo (Thursday, 20th June 2013)

On day four of our series on suicide, Ronan Bagnall speaks to Joan Freeman about her plans to bring a suicide crisis centre to Cork and examines some of the common misconceptions about suicide in Ireland.