December 21, 2012

Mental Health
Northern Standard (Thursday, 13th December 2012)
Minister of State with responsibility for Disability, Equality and Mental Health, Kathleen Lynch TD has launched the Health Service Executive's Fourth Annual Report of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, which showed a 10% increase in new cases seen by the service.
Irish Times (Wednesday, 19th December 2012)
One in six calls to the Samaritans in Ireland is related to the economic crisis. The charity recorded its busiest ever year in 2012, with over 400,000 calls to volunteers.
Mental Health Service
Evening Herald (Saturday, 15th December 2012)
Teenage support services will increase their staffing numbers this Christmas to cope with extra calls from distressed young people.
Irish Independent (Monday, 17th December 2012)
The mother of two teenage girls who took their own lives has appealed to vulnerable young people to seek help, telling them: "Suicide is not the answer." 
Sunday Independent (Sunday, 16th December 2012)
I sincerely don't mean to upset the suicide bereaved by this, but I think it’s about time we started to question whether we should stop talking so much about suicide. Suicide seems like more of an option nowadays than it used to be.
Irish Times (Monday, 17th December 2012)
A thousand candles flickered in the darkened college chapel at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. Each had been lit in memory of someone who had taken their own life. 
Irish Times (Tuesday, 18th December 2012)
In his funeral service for a young girl who died by suicide, the celebrant asked the question “Why are our young people killing themselves?” His words struck fear into the hearts of parents across Ireland and anyone concerned with helping young people to find their path into life.
Suicide Prevention
Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 19th December 2012)
Ireland's only dedicated 24-hour suicide prevention helpline has received an almost 10% spike in calls from people worried that a family member is at risk of suicide.
Irish Examiner (Tuesday, 18th December 2012)
A leading suicide prevention campaigner has claimed politicians are more likely to "wring their hands" about the tragedies than make money available to save the lives of other people at risk.
Irish Times (Saturday, 15th December 2012)
All secondary schools in the State are to be issued with guidelines on suicide prevention next month as part of an initiative to promote a better way of responding to students’ mental health needs.
Irish Times (Wednesday, 19th December 2012)
Taoiseach Enda Kenny has confirmed the legislation and regulation the Government intends to introduce in relation to abortion will deal with the issue of suicide.