March 20, 2008

Mental Health

Medical society warns abortions can lead to mental illness
Sunday Times (Sun, 16 Mar 2008)
Women may be at risk of mental health breakdowns if they have abortions, a British medical society has warned. The Royal College of Psychiatrists says women should not be allowed to have an abortion until they have been counselled on the possible risk to their mental health.

Suicide Prevention

Latest figures reveal 13 children died by suicide in five-year period
Medicine Weekly (Wed, 19 Mar 2008)
Between 2002 and 2006, 13 children died by suicide according to the latest official figures from the Department of Health. The data show that among children aged between five and 14 years of age, six girls and seven boys died by suicide over the course of five years.

Ireland's suicide rate – uncovering the truth
Forum (Tue, 11 Mar 2008)
Research by Patrick McSharry and Kim Wilson in the north-west of Ireland has reitereated the link between alcohol and suicide 91 (84%) were male while only 17 (16%) were female.

Eating Disorders

Lack of beds sending anorexia sufferers overseas 
Sunday Business Post Archive (Sun, 16 Mar 2008)
Ireland has only three public beds for people with eating disorders and those on the front line describe the existing service as archaic and grossly under resourced, writes Susan Mitchell.