June 26, 2008

 Mental Health

Activism goes online
Irish Times Subscription (Fri, 20 Jun 2008) 

Amnesty Ireland has moved a range of campaigns online in a way that makes it very easy to understand the individual campaigns and actually to do something – right then, right away – by sending an appropriate e-mail.  

Mental Health Service 

amfh180608 – lifeline launched
Fermanagh Herald (Tue, 17 Jun 2008)

A free counselling helpline service for people suffering from emotional distress or despair has been launched Northern Ireland-wide.  

HSE silent on € 12m land windfall

Irish Examiner, Page 2, 16-Jun-2008

The  HSE has refused to comment on plans for a €12 million windfall its due to receive from the sale of a landbank in Clonmel. With waiting lists for child psychology services running at two years in south Tipperary, calls have been made for the money to be ploughed straight into this sector.  

St Patrick’s to open first regional clinic this week
Sunday Business Post Archive (Sun, 15 Jun 2008)

St Patrick’s Hospital, the country’s largest acute psychiatric hospital, will open the first of a network of regional clinics in north Dublin on Tuesday.  The Dean clinics will provide a range of community-based mental health services.  

Suicide Prevention 

Sharp rise in suicide

Clondalkin Echo, Page 6, 18-Jun-2008

Three separate cam
paigns highlighting suicide aware- ness and helplines for young people after six reported cases of suicide in Clondalkin and Ballyfermot in the past month have left the area "ravaged". Samaritans, Community Action on Suicide in North Clondalkin and Pieta House have all held awareness campaigns 'out of the grow- ing concern for the emo- tional health for local young people and also the high incidence of young people dying by suicide in the area'.

Fans protest at 'suicide'label attached to US rock band MCR

Sunday Independent, Page 8, 15-Jun-2008

Fans protest at ‘suicide’ label attached to US rock band MCR.  Scored of disgruntled teenagers held a protest march in Dublin yesterday to protest against the negative media coverage given to their favourite band.   

Eating Disorders 

Health fears as one in three girls incorrectly thinks they're overweight

Irish Daily Mail, Page 7, 18-Jun-2008

One in three 15-year-old girls in Ireland wrongly believe that they are too fat, new figures from the World Health Organisation reveal. Distorted body images are not just restricted to young girls with 15 per cent of boys in the same age group mistakenly thinking they are overweight. 

Hormone causes stressed people 'to comfort eat'

Irish Independent, Page 11, 17-Jun-2008

Comfort eating among people who are stressed or depressed may be explained by the action of a "hunger hormone", according to research. Experiments on mice have suggested that the body makes extra quantities of an important appetite hormone to combat the effects of stress-induced depression and anxiety, which in turn prompts overeating.