April 20, 2012

Mental Health Problems

Video game treats depression
Metro Herald (Friday, 20 April 2012)
Playing  a 3D computer game researchers at the Universities of could be just as effective at treating Auckland and Otago, New Zealand depression in young people as face- developed an interactive fantasy to-face counselling, new research game called Sparx which sees each suggests.

Teen study led to depression blood test

Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 18th April 2012)
A blood test for depression has been developed by scientists studying moody teenagers. The test, based on genetic blood markers, was able to identify teenagers suffering from major depression.

Mental Health Service

Claim psychiatric patients may suffer undue trauma
The Kerryman  (Wednesday, 18th April 2012)
A nursing union spokesperson has called for a full independent enquiry into the transfer of elderly patients from Kerry's mental health facilities to private and public nursing homes following claims that several have died within weeks of being moved.


Irish Daily Star (Friday, 20 April 2012)
A youth who taunted another man — whose brother had killed himself — through song has narrowly avoided being locked up.

Help in renewing a lost sense of self and worth
Irish Times (Tuesday, 17th April 2012)
Many misinterpretations and myths surround the topic of suicide, and they are not necessarily helpful to the suicidal person or those associated with them. That’s according to Dr Evelyn Gordon from Dublin City University, who is carrying out research into suicidality in Ireland.