July 19, 2013

Mental Health
Irish Examiner  (Monday, 15th July 2013)
Gardeners are happier than non-gardeners and less likely to display signs associated with unhappiness or depression, a survey suggests.
Irish Times (Tuesday, 16th July 2013)
Software technology developed by an NUI Galway campus company may help people with head injury, disease or other central nervous system disorders to “regenerate the brain”.
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 18th July 2013)
Social media is having a negative effect on mental health services for children in Ireland, says a report on cyberbullying by a cross-party group of TDs and senators. 
Mental Health Service
Irish Times (13th -16th July 2013)
 “After hundreds of years we are closing our old mental asylums. But how are people with psychiatric problems coping in the community?” Multimedia project funded through  the Mary Raftery Journalism Fund 
Irish Times (Monday, 15th July 2013)
A mobile mental health service operates in west Cork as part of an initiative to help people recover outside traditional mental-health services.
Irish Examiner (Monday, 15th July 2013)
The need for "creative thinking" about the future use of a Victorian-era hospital complex overlooking Killarney, Co Kerry, has been highlighted.
Irish Times (Tuesday, 16th July 2013)
Money set aside this year for the recruitment of hundreds of staff for mental health services is at risk as a result of overspending in the rest of the health sector, unpublished documents show.
Irish Independent (Tuesday, 16th July 2013)
Trainee medics, who are working dangerously long hours, are at risk of depression, anxiety and substance abuse, according to junior doctor Irene Timony.
Irish Medical Times (Wednesday, 17th July 2013)
The HSE’s Counselling in Primary Care (CIPC) service will be available nationwide and has the potential to see up to 13,000 medical card-holders a year.
Irish Times (Wednesday, 17th July 2013)
“Most vulnerable will be hit again,” says Dr Anthony McCarthy, president of the Irish College of Psychiatry
Irish Times (Thursday, 18th July 2013)
A 140-year-old law that labels people with intellectual disabilities as “lunatics” is finally being replaced.
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 18th July 2013)
The family of a man who took his own life on the third anniversary of his son’s death says he was abandoned by the health service. 
Sunday Independent (Sunday, 14th July 2013)
A leading psychiatrist is writing to banks on behalf of vulnerable patients telling them he will hold them responsible in the event of a patient's suicide.
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 18th July 2013)
A coroner said he never officially recorded a ‘suicide’ verdict because of the outdated law  coroners work under despite the fact that suicide in his West Limerick area is now at ‘contagion levels.’ 
Suicide Prevention
Irish Times (Wednesday, 17th July 2013)
Cyberbullying and suici
de are not necessarily linked and should be treated as separate issues, a report by an Oireachtas committee has said.
Irish Times (Wednesday, 17th July 2013)
Opinion: The facts do not map readily on to the current debate’s spurious division into ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-choice’ arguments. But, then, the facts seldom do
Irish Times (Tuesday, 16th July 2013)
One of the treatments Fine Gael TD Lucinda Creighton suggested this week that could be used to treat women who are pregnant and feeling suicidal is “dialectical behaviour therapy” or DBT.
Irish Times (Friday, 19th July 2013)
Regret at not doing more for a friend in need encouraged Rene Duignan to highlight the causes of the high suicide rate in his adoptive home.