August 19, 2011

Mental Health Service


Mental health body gets hospital closure plans

Irish Examiner (Tuesday, 16 August 2011)                                                                                           Plans to close a Victorian-era psychiatric hospital in Killarney, which has been earmarked for closure for more than 10 years, have finally been received by the Mental Health Commission.



Our 6,000 asylum seekers deserve mere dignity
Irish Examiner  (Friday, 19 August 2011)
 Our 6,000 asylum seekers deserve more dignity A Nigerian woman's difficulties this week reminded us of the often forgotten community of asylum seekers and their challenging living conditions, writes Jennifer Hough EARLIER this week, a Nigerian woman who was about to be deported with her two young children, aged seven and five, was brought to the Rotunda hospital as she was bleeding and claiming she had suffered a miscarriage.




Teen suicide almost doubled in one decade

Irish Times (Tuesday, 16 August 2011)

Suicide among Irish children has almost doubled in a decade, a new survey has found. The Suicide in Ireland survey, conducted by UCD professor of psychiatry Kevin Malone, included speaking to the families of 83 people aged under 35 who died by suicide, 14 of whom were children younger than 18. Prof Malone reviewed CSO data comparing the years 1993-1998 and 2003-2008 to reveal the dramatic rise in suicides among children over the decade.




Suicide Prevention


Founding member of suicide alliance pulls out

Irish Examiner (Monday, 15 August 2011)

The founding member of a coalition of suicide charities, the Action on Suicide Alliance, has pulled out of the organisation claiming it now lacks independence and cannot criticise its state funders.