April 19, 2013

Mental Health
Irish Farmer’s Journal (Saturday 20th April 2013)
The majority of Irish farm- ers do not want others to know about a mental health problem that they may be suffering from. 
Northern Standard (Thursday 11th April 2013)
Let's start a conversation on mental health, that's the idea behind the Green Ribbon campaign, a month long campaign in May to create a recognisable symbol, which is hoped will kick start a national conversation about mental health.
Irish Health.com (Tuesday 16th April 2013)
Many older people are reluctant to admit that they are suffering with a mental health problem, ‘having grown up with more stigmatised beliefs about mental illness', doctors have said.

Mental Illness
Irish Health.com (Tuesday 16th April 2013)
While many people accept that mental health problems can be effectively treated, prejudice and stigma towards those affected still strongly exists, a new worldwide study has found.
Irish Medical Times (Wednesday 17th April 2013)
An event has been organised to highlight the issue of bipolar disorder and focus attention on the fact that one in 100 people suffer with the condition.
Medical Independent (Thursday 11th April 2013)
As there is no definitive diagnostic test or scale, depression poses challenges in terms of diagnosis, therapeutic strategies and health service delivery, and a patient-tailored approach is needed.
Irish Health.com (Monday 15th April 2013)
Irish teenagers have a one in five chance of experiencing a depressive episode by the time they are 18 years of age.
Irish Examiner (Saturday 13th April 2013)
U2 star Adam Clayton has opened up about his suicidal thoughts and bouts of depression in a bid to remove the stigma from mental illness.
Suicide Prevention
Irish Examiner (Thursday 16th April 2013)
The Lighting the Way booklet aims to improve the level of information and support in the community following a suicide.
Connaught Telegraph (Thursday 16th April 2013)
ST. Mary's Secondary School in Ballina has been selected as an anchor school to help welcome hundreds of cyclists as they participate in the national Cycle Against Suicide initiative.
Irish Times (Friday 19th April 2013)
Rural isolation and recession are among the factors that may have contributed to the deaths by suicide of five men recorded by South Kerry Coroner Terence Casey this week, the chief executive of Pieta House has said.