March 18, 2016

Irish teens don't feel they receive enough support from their families
16/03/2016, Irish Independent
WHO study says emotional support from family and friends was highlighted as crucial in helping teenagers deal with stressful situations and buffer them against negative influences.

‘Imagine being suicidal and waiting hours and hours for help’
15/03/2016, Irish Journal
The founder and former CEO of Pieta House has said that people will continue to die by suicide due to the difficulties they face in seeking professional help…

UCC Professor to Improve Care for Self-Harm Patients
15/03/2015, UCC Express
Ella Arensman of UCC and the National Suicide Research Foundation has been appointed by the Health Research Board (HRB) as one of four new Research Leaders…

How mindfulness can help if you suffer from panic attacks
Irish Examiner, 12/03/2016
Post-natal depression doesn’t always manifest as black depression, says Ciara, whose other daughters are Lucy, aged nine, and Anna, aged four…
Podcast: interview about hoarding with Dr Olivia Gordon
08/03/2016, Today with Sean O’Rourke
We all know people who like to keep boxes filled with birthday cards, newspaper articles, old photos. But what if that impulse grows stronger? and after a time, you find you can’t throw out old bills, receipts and leaflets?