December 18, 2015

Samaritans freephone service answered a call every minute in past 12 months
16/12/2015, Breaking News
The freephone service has answered more than one million calls since it was set up in March 2014.

Are you guilty of ‘oversharenting’?
15/12/2015, Irish Times
“I think there are serious psychological and emotional risks,” he says, and advises parents to ensure their own motives are the right ones – that they are not sharing information for the need for recognition, for approval or due to peer pressure.

Anna (20) credits note handed to her by a stranger for helping her overcome Anorexia Nervosa
14/12/2015, Irish Independent
Anna Wyatt (20) was shopping in her local supermarket, when a stranger, Ella Crouch, handed her a note, guiding Anna to her blog where she documents her recovery from Anorexia Nervosa.

Mindfulness… a gift for Christmas
14/12/2015, Atlantis Eire
WHO (World health Organisation) predicts that depression is set to become the number one global health problem by 2030, with an estimated 300,000 people in Ireland suffering from it. 

PODCAST: One in seven mothers develop postnatal depression after birth or suffer from the short-term effects of 'the baby blues'.
11/12/2015, Midlands 103
Our reporter Lauren Pidgeon met two mothers affected by the issue before Will Faulkner was joined by Parentline CEO Rita O'Reilly and Public Health Nurse Patricia Martenson

FEATURE: Looking out for one another
11/12/2015, The Irish Field
Prompted by an email he received this week from an Irish racehorse owner, Leo Powell publishes the owner's story and asks readers to look out for each other.