September 18, 2015

Pop-up station launches for mental health awareness
Radio Today, 17-09-08
Pop-up station 'Walk in my shoes' launches for World Mental Health Awareness Week Monday 5th – Friday 9th October! It is the only pop-up radio station dedicated to promoting positive mental health. 

Hugging for hope
Meath Topic, 17-09-15
A Guinness World Record attempt took place on the Joe Dolan Bridge, Mullingar, last Sunday morning, in aid of Hugs for Hope – an organisation that aims to help people suffering with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Parents 'must stop checking phones in front of children'
Irish Daily Mail, 16-09-15
Technology obsession is affecting youngsters' mental health and school work.

Experts advise against legal change to Mental Health Act
Irish Examiner, 15-09-15
Mental health experts have recommended against changing the law to allow for greater family involvement in the care of a person with mental illness.

Why child’s play can be good for grown-ups as well
Irish Independent,15-09-15
"I'm delighted about the current craze for colouring in", says Sally. "It helps people wind down, it's contemplative, evocative of childhood and almost meditative". 

Social media-related lack of sleep leads to depression
Irish Examiner,13-09-15
Lack of sleep among teens on social media at night linked to depression and anxiety, study shows.

Helping someone who is suicidal
RTE Guide, 12-09-15
You don’t give a suicidal person the idea of killing themselves by talking about suicide. The opposite is true. Talking about suicide saves lives.