June 18, 2014

Mental Health

New website highlights mental health services
Northside People East, 18-Jun-2014
MentalHelp.ie is intended as a resource for people experiencing mental health difficulties, their family members and carers, and the general public.
Why the baby blues can fail to hit for years
Irish Independent, 18-Jun-2014
Mothers are more likely to suffer depression when their child is four years old than when a baby, according to a new study.
How to spot the signs of maternal depression
Irish Independent, 17-Jun-2014
A key factor of maternal depression is that a woman's normal coping mechanisms are greatly reduced.
Generic medince: What's in a name?
Irishtimes.com, 17-Jun-2014
Generic medicines are essentially copies of branded medicines and contain the same active ingredient as the product they're based on.
Donal inspiring women to run mini-marathon in his name
Evening Echo, 16-Jun-2014
More than 10,000 people of all ages will take part in what will be the 33rd year of the event, which last year raised an estimated €2m for charities all over the region.
Call to extend mother and baby homes inquiry to mental homes
Irishtimes.com, 16-Jun-2014
Research shows that 33,000 patients died in overcrowded and disease-ridden psychiatric hospitals between the late 1920s and early 1960s, with death rates significantly higher than in the general community. 
Anorexia – how to help a loved one
Irish Farmers Journal Irish Country Living, 14-Jun-2014
Margaret Hawkins goes into more detail about how anorexia affects a person's mind and gives advice for parents about what to do to help.
Working women's stress burden grows
Irish Examiner, 13-Jun-2014
Women are increasingly being diagnosed with stress and depression as they struggle to balance hectic working lives with rearing children and running homes.
Kenny defends use of anti-malaria drug Lariam despite concerns
Irishtimes.com, 14-Jun-2014
Here the State is currently facing legal actions from 30 members of the Defence Forces who say their mental health was damaged by taking Lariam. The drug is prescribed to troops serving on UN missions in Africa including Eritrea, Liberia and Chad. 
Claims show Irish staff under stress
Business World 12-June-2014
The number of employees making income protection claims for psychiatric reasons has increased in recent years. 

Support now available for those affected by suicide
Echo – Tallaght, 12-Jun-2014
Last November, Mary McLoughlin, who lost her sister, nephew, cousin, nephew-in-law and brother-in-law to suicide, set-up a bereavement support group in Tallaght, Dublin, for those who had lost a loved one to suicide.
Financial crisis linked to more than 10,000 suicides
Irishtimes.com, 12-Jun-2014
The financial crisis has been linked to more than 10,000 people taking their own lives across Europe and North America between 2008 and 2010 during the financial crisis, a new study suggests.