February 18, 2011

Eating Disorders

Logging on for support
Irish Times (Tuesday, 15 February 2011)
New technologies can be used to nip mental health problems in the bud before they have had a chance to develop – and that’s an approach which seems to work particularly well in the area of eating disorders, which are notoriously complex and difficult to treat. This week, a new Irish-based online mental health intervention programme, called SeeMySelf, is due to be launched. A joint initiative between Bodywhys, the national support organisation for people with eating disorders, and the Technology Enhanced Therapy (TET) project, which develops online mental health resources, SeeMySelf is funded by the National Digital Research Centre.

'Boy aged five got anorexia'
Irish Daily Star (Monday, 14 February 2011)
Children as young as five are falling victim to eating disorders, according to alarming new findings from the Eating Disorder Resource Centre of Ireland. A combination of poor parenting and the growing influence of the media and social networking sites are blamed by experts as the main reasons for the disturbing rise in the number of pre-teens suffering from disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.

Mental Health Service

Mental health treated as Cinderella of system
Irish Independent (Tuesday, 15 February 2011)
A coalition of organisations is demanding political parties seeking votes in the forthcoming general election commit now to an overhaul. Orla Barry, director of Mental Health Reform (MHR), formerly the Irish Mental Health Coalition, urged voters to make outdated mental health care an election issue with candidates ahead of the poll.

Campaign for youth mental health
Irish Times (Monday, 14 February 2011)
A campaign to put youth mental health on the political agenda for the election got under way in Dublin today. The Get On Board for Youth Mental Health initiative, spearheaded by leading youth charities Headstrong, Belong To, Foróige and Inspire Ireland, plans to raise awareness about the issue by bringing its message to the campaign trail.

Future plans for a nation's health
Irish Independent (Saturday, 12 February 2011)
Future plans for a nation's health; Eilish O'Regan examines the policies to see what is on offer from the main parties

N.T. Mental Health Patients For Clare?
Tipperary Star (Thursday, 10 February 2011)
Mental health patients in North Tipperary may end up having to travel to as far as Ennis in Co Clare to be treated, if concerns raised with the Tipperary Star this week come to fruition.
The Tipperary Star has learned that a ward in Limerick Regional Hospital designated to take mental health patients from North Tipperary and Co Clare, is due to have work carried out on it this year, meaning that patients from mid Tipperary may have to make the trek all the way to Ennis instead.

Project team to advance new CMH
Medical Independent (Thursday, 10 February 2011)
HSE has setup a project team to advance the redevelopment of the National Forensic Mental Health Service, which includes the identification of an appropriate location for a new Central Mental Hospital, the Medical Independent has learned.

Suicide Prevention

Charity highlights role of teachers in suicide prevention
Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 16 February 2011)
Teachers are increasingly being called upon to respond to students who are struggling with self-harming behaviour or suicidal thoughts, a conference organised by suicide charity Console has heard. The seminar was held in response to a growing need in schools, as highlighted by teachers themselves.

Pain is shrouded in shame and secrecy'
Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 16 February 2011)
Almost 600 students from eight schools across Cork attended the Suicide Prevention and Awareness Conference. Organised by transition year students at Mount Mercy, the conference is a Young Social Innovators Project aimed at tackling stigma surrounding suicide.