June 17, 2016

14/06/2016, breakingnews.ie
Almost 40% of Irish young people will go online for support before talking to a doctor about mental health difficulties according to a new survey.
10/06/2016, ThunderandThreads.com
Every so often I go through hardcore slumps, which isn't news to you guys as I've written about them before. Slumps involving a lack of motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm and general bleh-ness with life. I often find myself struggling with all of these things on a daily basis, as I trudge through the joys of depression but approx. 3-4 times a year they hit hard. They affect everything around me but especially this, my blog, my job. And it really sucks.
10/06/2016, Belfast telegraph.ie
Award-winning cookbook writer and China TV presenter James McIntosh, from Tandragee, spent months in a dark haze. But thanks to two chopsticks and some wool, he's on the road to recovery.
11/06/2016, wexfordpeople.ie
I was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia (Psychosis) in February 2012 and hospitalised for the first time at just aged 18 because I went through a traumatic event when I was in college in Waterford in 2010/2011.
12/06/2016, IrishExaminer.com
Zayn Malik, who pulled out of appearing on stage at the Capital FM Summertime Ball, needs to take “baby steps” to get over his performance anxiety, says a psychological specialist.
14/06/2016, Joe.ie
Small tips can help in a big way.
Although it's improving, men still have a tendency to avoid the doctor and keep quiet about feeling unwell, especially when it comes to mental health.
14/06/2016, Independent.ie
News anchor Alison Comyn tells our reporter how juggling a TV career with family life can be hectic – but she still finds time for chocolate
16/06/2016, Siliconrepublic.com
Facebook has expanded its suicide prevention tools and, now, users around the world will be able to use them to support friends who they believe are at risk for self-harm or suicide.