September 17, 2014

Mental Health

Mental health services are under-resourced and overstretched
Irish Times, 12-Sep-2014
Opinion: Ireland invests a much lower proportion of our health budget on mental health care than the UK.
Psychiatric disease link to motor neurone
Irish Examiner, 11-Sep-2014
Researchers at Trinity College Dublin have found a link between the genetics of some forms of motor neurone diseas3e and a range of psychiatric diseases.
Irish cricketer John Mooney talks openly about his battle with depression, 11-Sep-2014
All-rounder’s struggles came to a head when he left a Caribbean tour earlier this year because of mental health issues.
“Thinspiration” sites are fuelling teens’ eating disorders
Irish Independent, 11-Sep-2014
Girls as young as 13 with eating disorders, and who self-harm, are accessing “thinspiration” websites to “feed” their disease, it has emerged.

Lifting stigma around mental health “key to reducing suicide”
Irish Times, 11-Sep-2014
The stigma surrounding mental health issues in Ireland must be tackled in an effort to reduce the number of people dying by suicide, the Minister of State with responsibility for mental health has said.
Most of us see Irish society as hostile to mental health problems, 10-Sep-2014
Some 65% of us believe that being treated for a mental health problem is seen as a sign of failure in Irish society. 



The number of suicides has dropped by a quarter in the last year, 12-Sep-2014
In the first quarter of 2014, between January and March, a total of 77 suicides were registered in Ireland.
Alcohol raises suicide risk by 800pc
The Herald, 11-Sep-2014
The HSE has acknowledged that alcohol use can have a hugely damaging impact on mental health.
Private suicide inquests “could increase stigma”
Irish Examiner, 11-Sep-2014
Concern that holding suicide inquests in private could increase stigma about such deaths was raised by Minister of State for Mental Health, Kathleen Lynch.  
Web support may reduce risk of suicide, self-harm and harm to others
Irish Times, 11-Sep-2014
The hope is that those with hidden conditions will reach out for help.