May 17, 2013

Mental Health
Irish Times (Tuesday, 14th May 2013)
It is now a month since I completed my 10-day retreat and I’m settling back into some old routines.
Mental Health Service
Irish Times (Monday, 13th May 2013)
Opinion: Minister for Health should have been clear that a suicidal pregnant woman cannot be summarily committed.
Irish Times (Friday, 17th May 2013)
Opinion: Progress in implementing 2006 reform plan has been painfully slow.
Suicide Prevention
Irish Times (Monday, 13th May 2013)
About 40,000 rise before dawn to raise awareness of suicide and self-harm crisis centre.
Irish Times (Tuesday, 14th May 2013)
Opinion: Kerry teenager’s gift in the final weeks of his life was to make us savour what he cannot.
Irish Times (Wednesday, 15th May 2013)
Sir, – As one who has been on both sides on the divide, having once been suicidal and seen how suicide tears family apart, I was disturbed by reading Olivia Leary’s article (Opinion, May 14th) about a brave young man and a terrible tragedy. 
Clondalkin Gazette (Thursday, 16th May 2013)
Charity: Thousands walk at darkness into light.