February 17, 2012

Mental Health

Sports groups team up to give depression the boot

Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 15th February 2012)
As well as captaining League of Ireland club Bohemians, Owen Heary also coaches young players on giving depression the boot. Owen, who trains the under-19 team, has been helping young players deal with problems at home and at school as well as on the pitch.

Jessie's happy to be at sea mental health project
Connaught Telegraph (Tuesday, 14th February 2012)
A local girl, who has received funding for her project designed to make a difference to young people's mental health, joined over 60 young people from around the country at the latest 'Think Big' workshop in 02 head office in Dublin.

Verbal abuse 'as damaging as violence'
Irish Examiner (Tuesday, 14th February 2012)
Verbal abuse can "slowly deaden someone from the inside out" and be just as destructive as physical abuse, domestic abuse campaigners have warned. The Killing Me Softly With His Words campaign raises awareness of verbal abuse.

Mental Ill Health

Acting fast against teenage depression
Irish Times (Tuesday, 14th February 2012)
More needs to be done to identify and treat adolescents with depression, according to new research. The study, which was carried out by researchers at Cardiff University, shows that failure to intervene and provide support early on can have disastrous consequences.

Mental Health Service

No method in madness behind school guidance cuts
Irish Times (Thursday, 16th February 2012)
The Minister for Education is distracted and preoccupied with numeracy and literacy rates at the expense of mental health, writes  Eileen Collins.  

President becomes official patron of psychiatry college
Medical Independent (Thursday, 9th February 2012)
President Michael D Higgins has been appointed official Patron of the College of Psychiatry of Ireland. President Higgins has previously served as a member of the college's advisory board.