July 5, 2007

Guides published for suicide bereaved
Elaine Edwards
Irish Times: 5th July 2007

New guides for people who have been bereaved by suicide have been published today by the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP).
The office published a directory of national support services and an information booklet to help people get through the distressing time following the death of a loved one by suicide.
"Tragically, suicide is a phenomenon which affects a wide circle of people, many of whom feel isolated and burdened following the unforeseen death of a loved one," the NOSP said.
"For those bereaved by suicide, making sense of the death and coping with feelings of rejection, anger, guilt and disbelief can be extremely difficult issues for family and friends."
Almost 500 people each year die by suicide in Ireland. The highest number occurred in 2001, when 519 people took their own lives. According to Central Statistics Office figures, the number of deaths by suicide has doubled since 1980.
The You Are Not Alone information booklet provides counsel, advice and practical information on coping with the death of someone close, the office said.
It covers areas such as how to break the news to children, arranging a funeral, dealing with neighbours and advice on money matters and the deceased's estate.
A directory of bereavement support services was also published today.
The booklets will be distributed to GPs, coroners, gardaí and undertakers and will also be available through the NOSP and regional resource officers for suicide prevention.